Why Choose Us?

We are a small office focused on personalized attention. We offer the best nonsurgical care for your chronic pain available anywhere.

  • Fast: Get your epidural (or any other pain injection) done today. Don’t wait weeks or months for the relief you deserve. We are available to see new patients in a day or two.
  • Less expensive than the hospital or an ASC (Surgical Center) which can add thousands of dollars to the cost; we are about 75% less expensive
  • Convenience: everything is done right in our Hartsville office. No need to travel to Florence, Columbia, Charleston, or anywhere else.
  • Quality: fellowship trained MD doing pain management 100% of the time. You are given plenty of personalized one-on-one time with a doctor.

We are the experts that work and teach in pain management. We understand the challenges you face.

  • Focused on Function: WE ARE FOCUSED ON 100% PAIN 100% OF THE TIME and will find and block the source of your pain so you can concentrate on what you love to do the most: pick up grand-kids, work in your yard, golf, sports, walk your dog, go on the job with less pain, enjoy activities with family and friends again without being preoccupied with how much you hurt.
  • Trust and Honesty: We are a single specialty practice with no financial or business ties to spine surgeons, medical device manufacturers, hospitals/ASCs (Surgical Centers), CT or MRI machines, chiropractors, referral sources, or any other group. We have no other interest other than YOU getting what YOU need to feel better and live life to its fullest.
  • State of the art equipment: in-house modern fluoroscopy (X-ray) suite and ultrasound technology allows us to pinpoint the exact location to place the injection. No blind injections ever.
  • Value. Great rates for uninsured: We will better any qualified clinic’s price (in writing with appropriate CPT codes). More for your healthcare dollar.

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tel: (843) 350-0100 (Include area code.)
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email: info@peedeepaincare.com

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We're open MON – THUR 9AM – 5PM.
We are closed major holidays.

Call us today at (843) 350-0100.

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If you experience an emergency health situation, please call 911.

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Where's Your Pain?

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